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Title: Banner Advertisement
Post by: coolindark on July 24, 2017, 01:38:31 PM
Hello everyone,

Today i'd like to introduce that our advertisement system in AltcoinForum is active!
From now on, users can purchase banner ads to be shown in AltcoinForum.
Payments will be done by coolindarkCoin [CC] only. You can directly reach me via PM to purchase.

For coolindarkCoin :

Here are some important information:

Ad types to be shown:
* 728x90 or 468x60 - Below top Menu
* 468x60 - Above Footer
* 468x60 - Above Content of First Posts

Ad purchase type is Impression based. Minimum purchase is 2500 Impressions. Packs are listed below:

2500 Impressions : 1000 CC
5000 Impressions : 2000 CC
10000 Impressions : 3750 CC
20000 Impressions : 7000 CC
50000 Impressions : 15000 CC

You can send your GIF / JPG / PNG and link to me. Then your ad will be hosted by AltcoinForum and will be shown on the page.
You can directly track your ad space statistics over your Profile page.

Don't hasitate to reach me.