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Title: [ANN] [PURK] Purk - (Wild Keccak) Cryptocurrency for Donations & Tips
Post by: purkproject on March 31, 2018, 11:23:35 PM

Purk is an open source, private and untraceable cryptocurrency that monetises your content and provides almost instant, worldwide privacy protected payments with minimal transaction fees. Based on Boolberry & CryptoNote technology, Purk helps balance CPU, GPU and ASIC mining speeds, which encourages fair and equal distribution whilst providing extremely fast block verification times.

Purk was created to help content owners and service providers monetise their website or application by accepting quick and easy micropayments from their users or customers. Website users can send Purk to a content owner or service provider to show appreciation for their hard work. By sending micropayments as a tip, it highly reduces the amount of monetisation that is needed on a website. Instead of using intrusive adverts, affiliate links, pop ups and sponsored posts, website owners can install the Purk Button and accept quick and easy payments to monetise their content or service instead. Not only does this reduce the amount of promotional clutter on a website, it also reduces costs on content writing and saves time by allowing your customers to tip/pay your writers or employees directly.



Estimated Emission

TOTAL SUPPLY: 179,424,673.000000 PURKs


Visit the official documentation to build Purk and start mining: (

Source and Binaries

Latest release: v1.0.6


Block Explorers (

Mining Pools (

Exchanges ( (


The Purk Project utilises a contractor model that allows for new individuals, groups and companies to contribute to the Purk Project. Currently, Purk consists of a small number of contributing members who work on the project:


Purk Donations (
PURK: @purk
BTC: 16irMH3VZEKxZ4h3ZZq2NhGUfNskG6u61o