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The true wealth creating power of property has been reserved for only a few.


PROPX is a fintech initiative that makes it possible for people around the world to buy into top performing property assets from as little as $2. This ICO is your opportunity to earn regular dividends and capital growth as a PROPX crowd fund participant.
Each PROPX token represents one, liability free Class B share in the Prosperiprop holding company. PROPX tokens earn dividends and grow as aggressively as the company grows.
PROPX is an asset backed token which means that the value of your PROPX token is protected by real life capital assets.

1. This overview is a very short summary of our business model. For details please refer to our whitepaper. 
2. Points below relate to this diagram:
  Business model diagram
Kickstart: Our venture is launched with this ICO.Funds raised during the ICO are applied to fund the business, (1) set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV), and (2) purchase investment assets.
Growing wealth: A second set of tokens called TREE is then issued (3), marketed and sold all over the world for around two dollars ($2) each. The TREE-token owns 90% of the asset and dividend value of the SPV. The value of the TREE token will increase steadily over time as SPV asset values appreciate and dividends are collected.
Earning dividends: Income generated from the sale of the TREE token is used to replenish the crowd fund. Once replenished the capital is either used to purchase more assets in the same SPV or start a new SPV. Either way, the value of PROPX increases sharply with every iteration.

PROPX will initially be traded on the Waves DEX exchange but we aim to have it trading on all the top platforms as soon as possible. The value of the PROPX token will be strongly supported by the assets that we purchase and is likely to strengthen as we grow the SPVs.

Read the whitepaper
Buy PROPX tokens
Visit TREE website:

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