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« on: April 11, 2018, 09:46:16 AM » ( is the first environmentally friendly plantation in Laos that has released a token based on Ethereum (ERC20 standart),  pegged to the export price of 1 kg of bananas.

Token holder can trade 1 bco for 1 kg of lady finger bananas which we will grow or receive a compensation equal to export price of 1 kg of lady finger banana sold to china.

We would like to create a worldwide agriculture platform, based on blockchain.  Now we are testing a mango plantation. Not just a mango though. It’s the most delicious and in demand sort of mango in Asia.

These actions are the first step on the way to a global blockchain platform, which will include not only plantations, but also a fruit trading company.

We have sold more than 6.8 million BCO tokens on TGE stage and now we start to grow bananas!

BCO is listed at exchanges:  -

White paper

Feel free to contact us in our:
-Website -
-Telegram -
-Facebook -
-Twitter -

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