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CoinMiners is going to farewell to everyone in couple of days due to high expenses and low mining interest.

It was a pleasure to be in mining community for more than 5 (Started with and transformed to CoĆ¼ years and i hope it was a pleasure to be with me for you too! It is very sad to close CoinMiners, however it is necessary.

Thanks to everyone to be with me in this journey.


CoolindarkCoin is in NovaExchange now! Since there is a CC ticker, please be aware that CoolindarkCoin ticker is CCN in NovaExhange.

Also get ready for a massive Airdrop in Novaexchange!  8)


Everyone, as celebrating 3rd year; Now CoinMiners has a totally new GUI on same solid infrastructure!
Now everyone can check live and previous miner stats in site! You will love it!
Check :

Also I'm adding new algos like "yespower" and "yescryptr16 & 32".

Don't forget: CoinMiners is a NOMP based pool which means you can even use your market wallet addresses for mining and CoinMiners makes auto payments! You don't need to wait days or a week to get your pool payments! Our payment term is hourly based!

Please reach me if you have a project and need a solid pool  8)

Site News & Announcements / Spam Issues and New Features
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:56:17 PM »
Hello everyone,

Due to a massive spam attack happened to AltcoinForum, I've tighten new registrations.
From now on, registrations will only be approved with emails from these domains:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Now, all members have to send at least 10 posts to share links in their posts / topics. Otherwise all posts will be shown as plain text.

Links & photos in signatures has been disabled.


Off-topic / Re: Where is Administration ??
« on: November 19, 2018, 09:54:58 AM »
Can I contact Administration?
It is about advertisement on your website.

Send PM to me. Thanks.

Faucets / [FAUCET] Coolindark's Faucet
« on: October 02, 2018, 09:56:59 PM »
Hello everyone,

Here is my little BTC Faucet:

It requires a Faucet Hub wallet.
Please check.   :)
It will be more Satoshi. I just need some traffic to get more advertisers.


Off-topic / test
« on: September 25, 2018, 06:37:04 PM »
admin test

Hello everyone,

Here is the tweet for getting 1000 CC chance:



Do not use Yobit for CoolindarkCoin (Ticker is CCX there) purchases and withdraws.

I don't know why but their blockcount is completely different (+100k blocks lol) and I've created a ticket for it. It is Yobit, so i don't know if they will answer or not.
If i won't get an answer in couple days, i'm going to remove Yobit from my markets list.

Cryptopia is 100% safe  ;)


Economy / Re: CoolindarkCoin Ads Network - Ads For Charity!
« on: April 21, 2018, 07:43:08 PM »
UPDATE : With the latest code update, now:
* You can deposit CC to your account without need of ad purchase
* You may use your account balance or direct pay while you are purchasing an advertisement
* You can use your affilate revenue for purchasing ads with the account balance option on payment

For now, there is no near future updates left! Come & register!

Economy / CoolindarkCoin Ads Network - Ads For Charity!
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:43:07 AM »

Hello, it's coolindark.
2 years ago, I've decided to create CoolindarkCoin for fun and understanding the network & market infrastructure. As a former forum user, people really interested about the coin and this made me push to send the coin source to markets ASAP. With a nice user count and stable network, now the CoolindarkCoin block speed is really fast with very tiny transfer fees.

After these 2 years, i see that nearly 90% of all altcoins in markets are useless and i feel like my coin is the same. That's why I've decided to give my coin a purpose and maybe a light to all cryptocurrency world. Created CoolindarkCoin Ads Network to:

* Let advertisers easily purchase text & banner and pop-up ads with nearly losing nothing as a transfer fee. Also because of fast CC network, their payments will be loaded to their accounts and activates advertisement purchases in minutes.

* Let both advertisers and publishers to easily calculate expenses and profits. Because CoolindarkCoin Ads Network only work with CC. We don't care FIAT/cryptocurrency calculations. You purchase with CC, you earn CC. Simple.

* And the most important thing is : Anyone use CoolindarkCoin Ads Network will automaticaly be a part of donation. 100% of CoolindarkCoin Ads Network administrator revenue will be shared with charities! 

All expenses have been paid for a year, that's why there will be zero buts untill March 2019. Then, only server expenses will be paid from administrator wallet and the remaining will all be shared with charities again.

So What is CoolindarkCoin Ads Network?

CoolindarkCoin Ads Network (will be named CCAds from now on) is a simple banner & pop-up network. You can add your ad places as publisher and advertisers can choose from the publisher lists. The sweet option of our system is; you can place your adsense and/or other ad network codes as backup option. This will prevent your profit lose with showing other network ads if no one will purchase your ad zones.

As CCAds have it's own payment gateway, we decided to use cold wallet to cover all transactions and merge TX records with purchases to simplyfy purchase records. This causes two things which you cannot do in CCAds:
* You cannot deposit CC to your account. It means you have to send CC after every ad purchase.
* You cannot use your CC deposit to purchase ads inside.

System is very easy. As a publisher; you register, add your site, your site goes to admin approval, then you are free to add your ad zones to the system. As an advertiser; you just need to add your ad to the system. After admin approval, you are free to select ad-zones or use RON (run-in-network) place.


Refer either publisher or adveritiser to our website and earn commission on their activity.
Every time when your referred user purchases an advertising package you will receive 5% to your main balance.
In your affiliate area, you will get tracking link to place on your website pages. You can also view your activity report in the affiliate area.

So Why You Should Use CCAds?

TX fees: If you are aware to use ad networks accepts cryptocurrency, you should be familiar with the problems of payments and withdrawals. Even 100% crypto-networks are dealing with Bitcoin payments. Due to Bitcoin's excessive transfer fees, micro earnings gets nearly impossible to be paid. Tons of publishers are regular people have their simple websites / blogs / forums (like me). So earning from ads are not easy as before "if" you prefer to use and get paid with cryptocurrencies. The same problem is covering advertisers too. Bitcoin transfer fees takes advertising expenses more and more. If you want to send 25$ equals to Bitcoin, you will pay at least 4$ as a transfer fee to make sure that your payment reach to the point in a short time. With CCAds, you will be freed to pay excessive TX fees. Also CCAds want to create it's own economy with "not using" FIAT/Crypto calculations.

No payment gateways: We have their own payment system, so you will not pay an additional fee to get your payment. If you need to pay 100CC for your advertisement, you will pay 100CC. "0" additional expenses. CCAds will not require TX fees on withdrawals for now too. We are going to pay TX fees.

Charity : CCAds main goal is donating cryptocurrency to charities. We believe that this idea will change lot of things in cryptocurrency world. This will also break difficulties to deliver help. CoolindarkCoin is easyly exchangeable in markets. CCAds works with 80% - 20% ratio. Whole 20% site profit will be shared.

* We are going to negotiate with charities after the end of April.
* If we will get a good network in a month, we will make the first donation at the end of May.
* We are working with coders to activate ad purchases with inside deposit. If we will have a good method without ruining payment records, this feature will be activated too.
* We are also working to let people deposit CC inside their accounts.
* We are working on public reports page which will show all ad purchases (not usernames, just amounts) and site income. So everyone will know how much the CCAds earn and share with charities.
* We are going to add additional languages to the network. This plan will be done with contributors.

What Do We Need Now?

We are going to start slowly. Because CCAds is a very new network and needs to be known and grow. So we will need:
* Advertisers. We're open for everyone as an advertiser: We are also open for other ad networks for collaboration.
* Social media awareness: We will start to share CCAds in every platform. You can also help with sharing your affiliate link.
* Charities: We will need charities to negotiate and we can work together to grow. This network will completely work for them. By the way, we will talk only with real charities. Small or advanced, no problem; but real charities. Please do not spend our time with fake things or personal needs.
* Patience: As this is a very young network and CCAds is actually a heart work, things can move slowly. We all have jobs for living and will try to spend all of our free time with CCAds.
* Advertisers again: Without advertisers, CCAds do not work. Please share this network with everyone.

So, let's rool ;D I hope it will be a good and know project which will make publishers to earn some crypto and advertisers will know that they will not just advertise; also make charity without making anything extra!

Welcome again to CoolindarkCoin Ads Network!


coolindarkCoin source and wallet has been updated. Please use new wallet before block 350000. Otherwise you will get disconnected from real blockchain!
So what happened?
In next 3-4 weeks, i'm going to announce a new service will only work with CC. Since this coin was just for fun; the community never gave up to hold the coin in market. So it's time to give a real shot!
With 100% annual POS, the coin should reach to total coin supply in 2 years. To take the coin life longer; i've decided to reduce POS rate and keep the total coin supply as it is. Now the POS is:
100% Annual upto block 350000, then 20% upto block 500000, then 10% till total coin supply.
This should give +8 years to CC.

What are other updates on source?
* Stake miner has been turned off while the coin is on sync. This should resolve lot of POS problems on wallets.
* Updated the source with valid checkpoints (blocks and checksums), removed PoW check (pointless), stop logging so much and enable execute bit on leveldb. Now sync is more faster and stable.
* Some minor fixes on QT wallet.

Markets are already informed about the new source.
You can still use your old wallets untill block 350000. CC will reach to block 350000 approx in 20-25 days. So jump to new wallet.

** Please backup your wallet.dat before using the new wallet. You don't need to delete your remaining blockchain and resync. New wallet works with remaining blockchain. If you won't see sync activity, then you can delete your blockchain and resync. **


UPDATE : Working on coolindarkCoin v2

Going to update with new source, new compiled windows wallet.

After some weeks I'm going to announce a big project will work with CC!

Keep following!  ;)


Today, CoinMiners is hosting 25 coins, making mining profitable and supporting coin's blockchain movement!

Now you can mine:


























Start mining from here:
Also join CoinMiners Community Discord :

Marketplace / Re: CCoin.Link - CoolindarkCoin Link Shortener!
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:40:01 PM »
BIG NEWS : Now interstitial webpage advertising is 100% free! Also all users can use full-page script and mass link shrink tool. You can register and create interstitial campaign (1000 hits / webpage limit); they will be accepted and activated. You will also earn CC from visitors!

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