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Money Cash is a digital currency based on the erc20 token that everyone can have for free, in the future you can use our MCASH wallet application to make payments easily

We are developing projects in the near future, you can only get the latest information from our channel here, we will announce if we are really ready to launch our great project.

    - Name: MoneyCash
    - Symbol: MCASH
    - Decimal: 18
    - Total Supply: 100 million MCASH
    - Target Price: $ 0.05

You can start getting free MCASH from now on by following the method here

    1. 👉 Send 0 ETH to this contract address 0xbc985271bf362be90346d0cd7d553eb81a689051
    2. 👉 Gas limit 120000
    3 . 👉 You will get free MCASH
    4. 👉 Each wallet address can only claim 1 time[/li]

💎MCASH Distribution💎

- 0xbc985271bf362be90346d0cd7d553eb81a689051 : 70% free distribution for all ethereum wallet users
- 0x267C029763b1BB8625D5D13B13314fC5aCC7f07C : 10% TOP 50 MCASH holders
- 0xe32f154E69aBb16d638bcb2c55D9099D87efEf03 : 10% Distribution to each trading site and MCASH trade promotion
- 0x4840C55DcaE4388cCd03E5A66f6223b8f4639f42 : 1% Airdrops and other campaigns
- 0x7E83a44769D9BA16f5780bA7E59fF026c0868cF0 : 5% Development
- 0x940de3312a045354343d80b450ae9d82933f2d20 : 4% The MoneyCash Team

Team Regards


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