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[ANN] Bid & Win-Bidcoin Online Auction Site That Offers Discounts On Crypto

Bidcoin is a decentralized Online Auction Site that allows you to save you up to 30% on other Cryptocurrency and items. Bidcoin is a retail website for cryptocurrency & e-commerce platforms that operate as a bidding fee auction, also known as a penny auction.

Bidcoin is an online entertainment auction site for cryptocurrency & retail e-commerce where you can save up to 30% when purchasing items from your favourite e-commerce store.

Asides breeding a fertile virtual ground for Consumer to Consumer interaction and trade, the Bidcoin system allows users to win items of real value.



• Illegitimate feedbackt
One way to determine whether a product is worth your hard-earned money or not is to consult free consumer ratings and reviews. You can find these ratings on various websites which are especially designed to allow consumers to rate a certain product or a particular brand. Sadly, we live in an era of fake accounts and fake reviews.   

• High Fees and Middle Men meddling
One of the top complaints against eBay and other popular ecommerce platforms is the level of fees. High transactional and shipping fees ruins the efficiency, fun and comfort of online buying and selling. Shopping on Ecommerce Giants' platforms such as Alibaba and Ebay have become increasingly pricey. They are now partnered with hundreds of thousands of "manufacturers". Nonetheless, many of these individuals are not real manufacturers but are middlemen.

• Bogus Buyers & Sellers
The buying and selling process has become less secure. The virtualspace is filled with marketers who will promise the world.   

• Low Trust
An apparent lack of trust in the credibility of most online commerce platform.

• Poor user experience and complicated Listings
Poor website layouts and search functions, wrong categorization, and complicated listings have become common characteristics of most ecommerce platforms

• Price Limitation

Sellers are limited to a certain price limit set by the ecommerce company. This is a real problem as some items cannot be listed for sale.



The solution is a combination of technologies that create a more efficient,
trustful and fun way of bidding for items and gaining cryptocurrency

• Provide Access To Consumer Desires
Have you ever considered sometimes that there is too much consumer choice out there? You know everywhere you go there are so many choices it takes all your time up? You do not have to participate, you can simply choose whatever you want and take what is familiar to you, a popular brand for instance. The Bidcoin system is designed to go beyond just “consumer choices.” Any kind of item can be listed. There are no limits on what you can win.

• Entertainment For Both Sellers And Buyers
The bidding and cryptocurrency feature and process takes ecommerce to a different level. There is a sense of competition and excitement.

• Enhance Trust And Better Experience
The Bidcoin community is close-knit, and interactive. Users can trust the fairness in the bid process.There is a more personalized experience.

• More controlled transaction
Enhanced security features, verifications and more are in place to prevent errors and fraud in the system.
Faucets / Re: Rahakott wallet
« Last post by Shece on June 08, 2018, 09:15:32 AM »
I can tell you about the commission. There is no commission for internal transfers, and for external transfers it varies depending on the currency you transfer and the network load. On average, something like 0.00055BTC. It includes a service commission and a network commission.
Faucets / Re: Rahakott wallet
« Last post by rahakottsmm on June 07, 2018, 09:09:36 AM »
Rahakott provides anonymity. It's not necessary to enter anything at authorization. Only CAPTCHA I suppose. And if you really want to hide, then there are links to the wallet entrance through TOR
Altcoin Discussion Board / Do you want to make money with
« Last post by john1988 on June 07, 2018, 04:43:56 AM »

According to my knowledge, Cryptoxcelr is searching for the possibility of a cryptanalysis revolution that has disrupted the traditional financial and banking system and caused a major change in the world economy.

Here we are expanding the possibility of cryptic infringement to build a closed community of cryptic traders, investors, enthusiasts, and miners.

acording to my knowledge Cryptoxcelr is not cryptocurrency revolution that has disrupted the prior cryptocurrency further, it is here to expand the reach of cryptocurrency further, for which it is is building a closed community of cryptocurrency traders, investors, enthusiasts, and miners.

Cryptoccelrrr consists of an expert who helps to obtain the best results of cryptographic investment by providing the necessary guidance for both the encryption trader and both new members and professional members in the cryptographic world .

Through this group of cryptographers, members can follow the strategy and Intel provided by experts and work with other members to expand knowledge of the world of cryptography.

Cryptographic world novice traders can learn how secure it is from cryptographic hackers and other threats and how to start a journey to cryptographic investment.

By signing up for the program, the users will receive the Cryptocurrency mastery e-book series + training course, Signal channel, Exclusive newsletter, Private membership area, Intel Channel, 1 on 1 Training, Proprietary tools and Exclusive bonuses. For more info visit at
sign-up option can be found at
Faucets / Re: Rahakott wallet
« Last post by Japhar on June 06, 2018, 08:17:48 PM »
Anonymity is important for me. Does Rahakott have this?
Altcoin Discussion Board / Best opportunity from
« Last post by john1988 on June 06, 2018, 03:29:46 AM »

I think this is the real place.This system is working for us if we are currently doing full time jobs Their strategy is designed to work around our schedule.

Actually there is 10 different ways to take care of our family utilizing crypto currency.
We need to watch this workshop and apply the one that works for you. I enjoy helping my guys.

The strategy workshop was recorded by a student, quality a little shaky, but the content is excellent. Focus on these 10 strategies that can add to your bottom line.

I have been able to personally master what works for me, and decided to pass on to you, the strategies that worked for me.

Helping others is Good Karma, once you reach a level of success, change people lives for the better. This is a workshop that may change your life for the better.

In fact, there are ten different ways to take care of our family using the encryption currency. we need to look at this workshop and apply what works for us.

Strategy workshops were recorded by students, quality was a bit unstable, but the content is excellent. If you interested you can visit at
Off-topic / -165
« Last post by Jeffreysarie on June 05, 2018, 11:35:19 AM »
                                     -5                       109       
                         sandvik                            1200   
           600                   1196,  416            260 
                  swp 720                                  2 10 40 
      5      600             
This is the world’s first socially contributing token ecosystem, with the SocialGood cryptocurrency.
ICO Time: 23 Apr 2018 - 23 Dec 2018
Token name: SocialGood
Token abbreviation: SG
Ticker symbol: SG
The Token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 Token Standard.
ICO issuing entity: Social Good Foundation Inc.
Available for sale: 5,304,000 SG
Price: 1 SG = 100 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap: 500,000,000 USD


Altcoin Discussion Board / Why should I use SIBCoin?
« Last post by john1988 on June 05, 2018, 04:34:52 AM »
What is SIBCoin ?
SIBCoin is a people's cryptocurrency straight from the heart of Syberia.I know that this is a decentralization of the high network and a useful mining site. We can trust and work with them.

SIBCoin network was launched back in 2015. Its code is based on Dash blockchain improved by the project’s specialists. Unique hashing algorithm Stribog makes SIBCoin ASIC-resistant ensuring high network decentralization and profitable mining.

Their online services, mobile apps, and partnership programs make SIBCoin a real cryptocurrency for people.Blockchain technology ensures consensus between all network participants regarding the state of the distributed ledger in a trustless environment.

 The humankind has made a major breakthrough by applying the technology to digital money. Cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology have brought about a perfect financial tool for safe, secure, fast, and anonymous p2p transfer of value.

SIBCoin’s mission is to make the blockchain paradigm accessible to the general public and make cryptocurrency usable in daily routines. SIBCoin was conceived as a Siberian cryptocurrency, but over time it has expanded to fill in the vacuum in the Eastern Europe due to language and cultural barriers.

It has consolidated a vast fraction of the Russian-speaking crypto community. Today, SIBCoin is used in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. SIBCoin’s network is still expanding, and so is its market cap.So you can simply visit at

Twitter -

Altcoin Discussion Board / 258d4fp1
« Last post by Billynoiff on June 04, 2018, 12:39:40 PM »
wh0cd202806 abilify
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