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« on: July 12, 2017, 09:43:56 PM »
Hello all,

As the admin of CoinMiners, i'd like to announce a bounty for ChanCoin miners.
To bring more people to CoinMiners, stronger ChanCoin blockchain activity and speedup coolindarkCoin staking; I'll share some coolindarkCoin for all active ChanCoin miners:

Information About Pool & Coins:
CoinMiners Pool :
coolindarkCoin [CC] :
ChanCoin [4CHN] :

Here is how the bounty works:
* I'll check the pool daily basis and monitor active miners
* If a miner was active for a whole week (suitable for GPU miners) or could earn 500 4CHN in a week (suitable for ASIC miners) will have the right to get bounty.

Bounty calculation:
* It has to be at least 10 miners in the pool. Lower miner count means no bounty. Bring your friends to CoinMiners  ;D
* Equal Share : Every week 2000 CC (coolindarkCoin) will be shared with miners. So, the hashrate is not important. If there are 10 suitable miners, everyone will get 200 CC.
* Every 10+ miners will add 2000 more CC in bounty pool.

** You have to register AltcoinForum and share your 4CHN & CC wallet here. Then you will get your payments. **

Please don't be cheap and use multiple wallets to get more bounty. The reason of this bounty is for good 4CHN future.
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