Author Topic: From using users can enjoy the advantages of privacy and security.  (Read 269 times)


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What is the service of Sphere Social ? Sphere is a distributed social network platform that provides a distributed integrated market and has its own advertising platform. It is different from other social media jaguar nuts that sell online privacy to the best bidders.
Sphere makes it possible to regain the profits gained by these companies selling data. We introduce SAT, an encryption token used to facilitate transactions within the Sphere Network.
Users can enjoy the benefits of privacy and security. If a company wants your data, they need to reward you. Sphere is based on the principles of privacy and security, giving each user unprecedented protection and stability, safely connected with everyone who knows safely and most importantly safely I am doing it.
Sphere is more than adding other simple features to the growing line of available social media networks. That is the beginning of the digital revolution.

This is a really wonderful place for social media information security. We trust this network truly because social platform data security is excellent. Data security must be the basic block of all social platforms.for more info visit at