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Extra Credit - The Worlds First Cryptocurrency dedicated to the Education


The Worlds First Cryptocurrency dedicated to the Education of Blockchain Technology
Contribute during our Pre-sale and receive a 20% Bonus of Extra Credit

We at, are the first company to start empowering people to learn about cryptocurrencies. It is a twofold effort with Bitcoin Homework, the new venture combines blockchain technology with educational programs designed to teach people about cryptocurrencies, even as they share in the digital payment for perhaps the first time.

Tokens are sold at $0.10 during PRE SALE & PUBLIC SALE
Any tokens not sold during the PRE SALE & PUBLIC SALE will be BURNED.

Minimum Investment: $1,000(USD)
Bonus Tokens: 20%
Token Hardcap: 100M

Minimum Investment: $50(USD)
Bonus Tokens: 10%
Token Hardcap: 300M


Extra Credit
Extra Credit was created with the average working-class person in-mind; people who have no, or very little knowledge of CryptoCurrency. Our vision is to empower everyone with the knowledge required to invest and manage their CryptoCurrencies with ease. This means that anyone can participate in ExtraCredit, with or without past CryptoCurrency experience.

Our Team
Our Team Extra Credit brings together a team of 10 members, dedicated to teaching our users all they need to know about CryptoCurrencies. Should you have any questions, you can usually reach one of our team via the small chat button at the bottom right of our page. To contact any of our team directly, checkout our Team Section

Bitcoin Homework
Extra Credit is working side by side with Bitcoin Homework to ensure there is no confusion to our users who are just starting out in the CryptoCurrency world, offering hundreds of courses ranging from How to start to Everything you need to know about the Blockchain

Investment Distribution
All contributions will be used to help the growth of ExtraCredit, especially in it's early stages. from Legal Documentation to Application development. To read more visit our Investment Distribution Section

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It is really important to enhance the awareness of the cryptos among the people in an educating manner. I strongly appreciate the efforts of Extra credit which is intending to teach people about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Well educated! Well profitable!

It is really a great initiative to promote the cryptocurrency education. I think any business is totally dependent on the eduction and its popularity among the people all around the world. So, a good prospect as far as I think!

Does anyone have any opinion about this cryptocurrency? as far as I know, it is official and it can be trusted. And I'd really like to rely on this project.

1000 dollars - minimum investment, I understand correctly? Even if this project is long-lasting and reliable, I still don't understand why such a large sum?


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