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What Is Bullion Troy Grain? What Does It Do?
Bullion Troy Grains helps businesses, governments, banks, treasuries, etc. utilize BTGs as a security tool for moving fiat ETH based funds securely on the un-hackable blockchain.
This securely represents a traceable ledger tool, of always allowing the transparent yet secure and encrypted knowledge of how much , where and when, fiat based ETH currency is going to and from, on the Ethereum blockchain network. This movement is sourced through Bullion Troy Grain’s, representing the payment of any and all physical and tangible bullion types now being secured and fully encrypted as the payment and ledger.
This further succeeds any current technology. As well as now succeeds at diminishing attempts of any and all cyber-terrorists trying to compromise these transactions circulating though this blockchain technology type.
1. Businesses selling gold grains, sells their gold grains globally to computer and phone chip manufacturers that are sold to Apple for iPhones, Laptops etc.
2. The chip manufacturer businesses invests in Bullion Troy Grains encrypted currency as a tool to send as the store of value, along with Ethereum also if need be, on one or multiple transaction(s).
The  physical gold grains are bought and sent via armored trucks to the chip manufacturer.
The BTGs are sent as payment for the gold grain by the chip manufacturer to the gold grain supplier.
3. The seller receives the Bullion Troy Grain payment instantly into their accounts encrypted wallet address.
4. They then can transfer and sell off into Ethereum on open market cryptocurrency exchanges, or directly back to our own Bullion Troy Grain Treasury, in return for Ethereum. The Ethereum may be held as funds, or also sold off on many different cryptocurrency exchanges immediately into government fiat currency types.
5. The valuation of each Bullion Troy Grain from this constant buying, selling and circulation demands, allows gains in value per each BTG moving forward.
This ensures that there also is a profit margin within the Bullion Troy Grain itself higher than the current $1 per BTG valuation.
Just like a stock rises in value also throughout daily circulations and company capital gains so does Bullion Troy Grains