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« on: April 21, 2018, 06:52:30 AM »
There are barely any free crypto signal channels to be found that you should trust. However, we found THIS ONE FREE GEM, providing awesome performing signals and good technical analysis.
In fact, you can make quite some bucks with this channel.

Signal Review:
We have calculated the profit for the FREE CHANNEL ITSELF was 800% Nett in a week time-7 days (Hard to believe but we were absolutely surprised with their performance)
Most of their signals provided would increase up to at least 15%-20% in just 2-3 days (Average).
What we found in the VIP Channel astonished us. Trade recommendations based on reliable technical analysis,detailed background information, fundamentals and special information (Insider infos). All the really good stuff!
We spent 0.10 BTC on their signal and close our trade with an astonishing 0.07BTC pure profit in 2 days. Majority of their signals are originated from their own efforts, but they also keep an eye on other groups to seek for synergy entry points. This channel is definitely not a pump and dump channel as no trade we participated in has been pumped.

Honestly, really worth the money paid for VIP as the quality of their signals is A+. An average of 3-5 signals daily was provided and ocassionally, mid to long-term signals were also posted.

Signals for Exchanges: Bittrex / Binance
Free Membership: To check out the quality of their signals please check their free channel first. You can join the telegram channel here:

Paid Membership: Please contact @JamesWarwick by Telegram to enroll.

Pricing: The subscription price is only 0.02BTC per month.
3 Months: 0.04 BTC (Free 1 Month)
1 Year: 0.10 BTC (Free 7 Months)

Features: The VIP plan features some pretty nice stuff for Crypto Signal lovers, such as:

-> Strong signals based on insider infos, legit news, and Technical Analysis
-> Educational Strategies they discovered through their trading experiences
-> Personal advice and mental coach about portfolio management
-> Special news and forecasts
-> Has Crypto Trollbox (To chat with other members)
-> Detailed signals along with the backgrounds