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What is AQUA? Intelligence?
« on: May 18, 2018, 06:39:08 AM »

According to my knowledge, the current solutions used in the hospitality industry contain segmented and incorrect data as a result of older software solutions built without data intelligence.

Revolutionizing the hospitality industry with comprehensive decentralized profiles for consumers in the international market.

What is AQUA? Intelligence?
 As we know, block chains of AQUA Intelligence's data driven platform allow consumers to earn money from my personal data. Based on reliable data And other information sources, AQUA Intelligence is Most comprehensive Each distribution profile consumer.

By utilizing Along Artificial Intelligence (AI) With the additional tool, Comprehensive profile available Hotels and other business To improve their sales, Operational efficiency, increase Increase profits, Consumer's overall experience.

Consumers are AQX, Utility token AQUA Mobile members, Data input, Verify existing information Join them Investigation and other activities are included. AQX token, Convert to loyalty points Pay products and services Participating hotel services And business.

We are also available Consumers AQUA Mobile Manage everything in one place Travel and meal booking loyalty points, travel I answered related questions

So you can visit at