Author Topic: Does SIBCoin offer digital currency?  (Read 337 times)


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Does SIBCoin offer digital currency?
« on: June 13, 2018, 04:25:44 AM »
I am truly satisfied with the service of Sibcoin. They are exellent. SIBCoin is highly service-oriented. It aims to provide a better alternative to the current systems of money transfer in Remittance and eCommerce. SIBCoin’s services are all free except for the usual transaction fees which makes it the cheapest way of transferring value.

Wallets Access to SIBCoin’s network can be done via a software wallet or online wallet (including a Tor version) both available on the official site.

SIBCoin also offers the so called “Cash Chervonets”, a “paper” wallet protected by a randomly generated secret code. "Cash Chervonets" may be issued in printed form. Exchange and Payment Services Moneypolo allows to replenish EUR and USD accounts with SIBCoins.

Coinex accepts payments in SIB for telecom services and exchanges SIB to fiat for withdrawal with VISA/Mastercard.

SIBCoin is a decentralised digital currency and a peer-to-peer payment processing system. It has no need for intermediaries, the regulatory function is carried out by a cryptographic mathematical algorithm.

.So you can simply visit at

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