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BFX, the 30 million USD asset-backed entertainment Crypto showcases its strengths. Soon listing on Top Exchanges

BFX of BFX Cryptoworks Ltd is an asset-based cryptocurrency valued over $30 million in the entertainment industry. BFX is truly the “crypto for the masses”, with the goal to bridge the gap between blockchain token industry and the traditional world of entertainment.
The BFX is fully backed up by Bluefox Motion Pictures Pvt, a household name in a film industry that had over $50 million turn-over through the production of 12 major film projects and other smaller projects across India and other parts of Europe and America. This feat was achieved within three years, and the entertainment enthusiasts should watch out for a billion dollars turn-over in the next three years with the inclusion of blockchain technology into its’ mainstream business.
The use cases of BFX Cryptocurrency will be in the entertainment, production industry, gaming and travel industry.The coin would be used as a transaction currency to many merchant websites and travel eco-systems, eliminating middlemen’s activities within the film producers/artists, cinema viewers/fans, travellers and hotel owners. This will bring parity for revenue generation and more income earnings to the players in the industry, the investors and the end-users. BFX Cryptoworks has struck a deal with travel portals, online gaming platforms and entertainment centres where users can purchase products and services in exchange of the 'BFX Coin', and this’s starting in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

An Entertainment Currency

BFX coin is a cryptocurrency asset that can be exchanged for entertainment products and services and converted into any fiat currency.  It was launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) in November 2017, and  $10 million was raised at the end of the exercise. Part of the proceeds from the ICO was used to produce a thriller movie called “Screwdriver” slated to be released this summer.
BFX coin is the new digital fuel to enable users to navigate through the world of entertainment to buy products and services faster and without any intrusion to their privacy.
BFX developers added hybrid PoW+PoS censuses mechanism built on the most secure blockchain script algorithm having a block-size of 8 MB, and a new block generated every six minutes that guarantees faster transaction speeds. The total supply of BFX is capped at one billion coins, and this staggering figure could make a significant impact in the blockchain entertainment industry.
Also, BFX Cryptoworks developed a new multi-coin mobile App for its’ users to trade and exchange BFX with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP). This App is compatible with the IOS enabled devices, Android devices and can be downloaded on Google Play.
BFX ensures funds ‘safety and user privacy with improved KYC, user ID, Local photo address proof and copies of latest income tax details for users in India.

BFX Token Now Available on Top Crypto Exchanges

BFX Cryptoworks has announced its plans to enlist  BFX in the top “exchanges” from the third week of June 2018.
From the third week of June, BFX users will be privileged to trade BFX in major exchanges globally such as KuCoin, Bibox, Bitz and many more.


Unlike many cryptocurrencies, BFX is an existing business. The BFX parent company "Bluefox Motion Pictures" is a film production outfit with over 50 million USD turnover and has successfully produced over 12 projects within two years.
BFX Cryptoworks has made BFX, a global brand by partnering with the movers and shakers of the entertainment industry like, Sohail Khan Production(a household name in filmmaking business in India), which is to share their revenues through world celeb tours, motion pictures and sports events. This revenue will be used as a backup and for the strengthening of the BFX platform for the next three years.
BFX story is not new; it started in 2015; the owners have a network, trust and established contracts with award-winning French and Spanish filmmakers. BFX is not relenting with its’ innovative tech and crowdfunding concepts; there’s never been a quarter, where innovation is not added to its ‘catalogue.
The user's strength is growing exponentially since the ICO launch in November 2017 with 50,000 active BFX users presently.

Future Plans

The initial plan of embarking in ICO lunch last year was to raise $50 million for the on-going projects, but $10 million was raised. The remaining $40 has to be raised in the next crowd-funding coming up in the 4th quarter of this year to enable BFX Cryptoworks to complete the on-going projects. Investors should look forward to a bumper package, for this will allow people from all over the world to invest with any amount of money in startup ventures.
According to Mr Prashant Wig, the spokesperson for BFX “We are building a platform for entrepreneurs to present their ideas to the world, and make six figure income”.
BFX Cryptoworks is expanding the market and the mining activities by building a nine MW mining farm in Tbilisi Georgia. The project is near completion.
The amount raised through the ICO will also be used to rebrand movies like “The Uninvited Guest,” an award-winning Spanish film to be re-made in two languages. The project will be shot in Georgia and U.K. in August this year.
Also, BFX Cryptoworks will embark on setting up a BFX Shopping Mall, an online retail outlet that will allow people to shop in malls using BFX Coin for exchange, without the need to carry fiat or credit cards.


BFX is a real hidden gem in the world of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have a lot of hype, and sometimes the technology often creates a detachment from the happenings in the real world: I have seen hundreds of millions of dollars worth projects "POST-FUNDRAISING" displaying only a tech whitepaper and a good looking website. Most of the time, these startups remain extraordinarily technical and a blockchain solution without really having a  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT blueprint.  BFX is business oriented.
BFX has many on-going projects, an indication of how visionary the management team is and the listing of BFX to more exchanges, the market has no limits for BFX.

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