Author Topic: Your AI-Powered Virtual Nutritionist & Wellness Ecosystem  (Read 463 times)


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Your AI-Powered Virtual Nutritionist & Wellness Ecosystem
« on: June 21, 2018, 01:31:02 AM »
Your AI-Powered Virtual Nutritionist & Wellness Ecosystem

AI & Blockchain-powered Health Tracking App Based on Meal Intake + Formation of Decentralized Health and Wellness Ecosystem

Go-MaD is Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered health tracker App based on meal intake. We are adopting AI model to identify the food composition from food photo uploaded to the App and proceed with food analysis.

Go-MaD.AI App development stages:
Live App in market: General AI model gives a general food scoring based on Healthy and Nutritious criteria, for users to familiar with AI application on their daily meal.
Later stage: Customized AI food model to have a comprehensive food analysis including nutritional facts for balance diet tracking. There would be food suggestion and health alert features.
Blockchain technology integration to Go-MaD.AI App and m-Health and Healthcare ecosystem forming.

Use Case 1
Go-MaD.AI App users are required to upload 6 food/meal photos to the App.
Share the meal photos on daily basis to Go-MaD.AI.
Token will be rewarded to users who consistently complete this task for a complete month

Use case 2
Go-MaD.AI Marketplace
All parties in Go-MaD.AI ecosystem can subscribe to access the premium features in the platform:
Users can purchase more options for their meal analysis data storage on the Go-MaD.AI App, like food suggestions and health alerts based on the data submitted.
Market players on Go-MaD.AI platform can purchase enhanced profile options and more exposure for their products/services listing.
All premium account subscribers will receive discounts on products/ services available on Go-MaD.AI platform: m-Health and medical services, pharmacies’ products, insurance etc.

Use Case 3
A hospital/clinic in the city notifies users in the city that a certain number of tokens will be distributed to first time customers.
Users authorize sharing of their health data obtained from Go-MaD.AI AI meal analysis or other mHealth apps in Go-MaD.AI ecosystem to the doctor for illness diagnosis purpose and get GMD tokens reward.
Users can use GMD tokens as a payment mode for medical treatments and medication prescribed.


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Re: Your AI-Powered Virtual Nutritionist & Wellness Ecosystem
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2019, 07:40:21 AM »
Artificial intelligence will not be able to determine the condition of the body in order to individually choose a diet and adjust your nutrition.