Author Topic: Send and receive money in real time using a distributed platform.  (Read 139 times)


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Sibcoin is a global platform that allows members to send and receive money worldwide. The fact that you can trade with people from all corners of the globe means that you will have endless opportunities to interact and make lucrative deals.

Absolutely I feel that this is a highly service oriented website. The Sibcoin cryptocurrency is gradually becoming the driving force behind the Russian blockchain community.

I know they are exellent. SIBCoin is highly service-oriented. It aims to provide a better alternative to the current systems of money transfer in Remittance and eCommerce
For more info  you can simply visit at

Meetups being held in the Siberian city and other western Russian cities as well has helped strengthened and contributed to its growth immensely.

Sending and receiving money in real time using a decentralized platform which is way more secure, faster, and costs less to send to anyone, anywhere in the world has been made comfortable and convenient with projects like the SIBCoin.

We can join Sibcoin and get Benefits.I think this is the site that provides real service.

User details are kept secret. Users can use Sibcoin to trade with full credit that information will not be disclosed. Sibcoin uses RingCT, ring signature, and stealth address to enforce privacy.

The received address is masked by the stealth address, but the sending address is hidden using the ring signature. This makes it impossible to keep track of transactions by making payments private.

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