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FOMO3D :  A decentralized, trustless blockchain game running directly on the Ethereum network.


When you purchase a vanity name for the Fomo3D game, you unlock a referral ID that registers anyone visiting it under your ethereum address.
We then generate tons of artwork and pro-fomo material and put it at your fingertips, while connecting it to a game that's tantalizingly addictive.
We did all the heavy lifting, go grab a vanity-link and collect your own army of players. You'll get 10%  of everything they add to the game in Eth !

Start Playing Now
You can start playing anytime by going to the Fomo3D site. In order to play, you'll just need the following:

Metamask setup on your computer and/or TrustWallet on your mobile phone.
Ethereum available in your Metamask Wallet used to purchase keys.
Visit the Fomo3D site and buy some keys.

The Game
Prefer Video? Check out the official Fomo3D walkthrough by @Lil Stronghands which walks you through how the game works.

Fomo3D is a decentralized, trustless blockchain game running directly on the Ethereum network. Here are the basics of how Fomo3D works:

This is a lottery game in which the last person to buy a key at the end of a round wins the pot!
During a round, people can purchase 1 or more keys which adds time to the timer and marks them as the current leader. With each key purchase during the round, the key price increases slightly.
Players receive a stream of passive income from the game as keys are bought during the round. These rewards can be withdrawn anytime.
When the timer reaches zero, last person to buy a key wins! (F3D players/P3D holders get a piece too!)
With a few cool added game mechanics:

Players select from one of four teams which determine certain rules during the round.
P3D holders receive dividends on each key purchase and at the end of the round.
Players can purchase a vanity URL and/or refer your friends to the game for extra rewards.
Buying keys offers you a % chance to receive an "airdrop" winning ETH from a growing side-pot!

Game Modes
Fomo3D is split up into two separate games each designed with custom rulesets to generate different experiences, volumes, and different scales of jackpots: long and quick. Long is launching first, and then quick will be launched at a later date.
Notable differences include that long does not have an ICO phase, uses different timer durations, and has a totally different key price scaling model than the quick mode. For full details, check out the Game Modes section.