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« on: November 04, 2018, 11:07:34 AM »
Unlike other markets (equity and commodity), the crypto market never sleeps. To
get profit from crypto market you have to sit in front of your screen all day, even
then most of the timer traders end up sleeping at the critical time and missing the
vital opportunities of buying and selling.
Crypto trading bots like Cryptohopper are developed that trade 24/7
automatically without requiring any human intervention. However, having access
to the Cryptohopper trading bot is a half the battle. You won't get profit until your
bot is properly configured to trade in place of you.
Cryptoset - The Configurations for Cryptohopper Bot
Cryptoset is developed for experienced and novice crypto traders that are looking
to increase their return on crypto investment. In nutshell, CryptoSet is the
configuration for the "Cryptohopper" machine to optimize its functionality.
Cryptoset comes at step 4 of following image, after you register and connect your
exchange account with Cryptohopper. You choose package of your choice from
Cryptoset, implement its configuration and start the Cryptohopper Bot. Thats it,
it's really that simple. Just few clicks and your Bot is fully configured to work hard
in place of you.
Cryptoset offers three different packages:
SIGNALS. External applications like Cryptohopper can communicate with your
exchange account via API. This package lets you connect your exchange account
to Cryptoset signals that are configured on Cryptohopper. The user after purchase
can copy all 1: 1 signals without having to click "BUY" rather it's done aquatically.
This package also provides you support related to connection.
DEDICATED CONFIGURATION. Cryptoset best seller package has a guide as well as
configurations to the machine matched to the your exchange and capital.
DICORD. This is complimentary package that you will get if you buy any of the
above two packages. Things you get in this package are:
· Cryptohopper Corner Chat
· Daily Triggers Recommendations
· Bitcoin & altcoins Daily Analysis
· Market Movement Tracker
· Bitmex Signals
Cryptoset is Result Oriented
Cryptoset aim is to ensure maximum return by maximizing profits during the
upward trend and to reduce losses during the downward trend by selecting the
appropriate currency pairs. ROI with Cryptoset configuration is :
· 1 Day Return of investment 17.45% (With starting balance of 0.1BTC)
· 1 week Return of investment 122.15%
· 1 Month Return of investment 488.6%
Cryptoset is constantly testing new configurations to provide unique solutions to
meet the upcoming challenges in the cryptocurrency market.
Why Cryptoset?
Saves Time. As manually configuring the machine for optimization can take
considerable amount of time.
Security. Cryptoset configurations are tested in real time environment just to
make sure clients money are invested in best trading opportunities.
Real Profits. Cryptoset has a high percentage of satisfied clients which in turn
testifies to the profits generated by the machine.
Make a smart move now, start trading with Cryptoset to get good returns.


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skynavpro ICO
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2018, 12:08:59 PM »
skynavpro ICO has a well designed token economie

skynavpro has in comparison with many blockchain projects a real background in already developed aviation products and brings safety into general aviation including drones due it`s unique and innovative concept.

The first global and revolutionary ecosystem for general aviation including drones/UAVs designed to increase safety through collision avoidance, communication and tracking. Be part of the in-flight revolution. Hardware Prototype already field tested and working. Free Navigation App`s already in use.
Just another ICO? NO! We do have 12,000 registered pilots, 8,700 APP downloads and a working appliance prototype. Invest in the next phase: global marketing of sky[nav]pro for manned and unmanned aircraft's (drones), a multi-billion US$ market. We welcome you on board as part of the in-flight revolution. Investment opportunity


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Re: Cryptoset
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2018, 03:32:33 PM »
In order to benefit from the crypto market, you first need to learn how to analyze and understand this market, because there are many variables that can affect your profit.