Author Topic: Track your monthly savings and earnings in real and virtual money.  (Read 142 times)


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I think this is a great opportunity to save and earn money towards the purpose of your trip. Most people dream of being able to experience the world from a different perspective, but dreaming is one thing, but putting together finances to make it possible is another thing.
A partnership with the Smart Trip Platform (a distributed ecosystem connecting travelers and travel service providers) combines the functionality of the blockchain with Facebook's friends list to save you money for your travel goals. .
Downloading Airsave Travel is simple and free. Accept the link to your social media accounts and advertise your referral code to your friends to start earning recurring rewards.
Easy to use
Track your monthly savings and earnings in real and virtual money.
What Is ASTC ?
ASTC is the fusion of a new cryptocurrency with a revolutionary save and earn platform - built on blockchain technology.
As I know, they offer the real opportunity that their platforms are open sourced, so most of the ASTC tokens can be controlled by the user.And an investor. With ASTC tokens, users can access the application, allowing them to: Exchange savings and earnings every four months.
The savings and returns at ASTC are far superior to those at Fiat. Make sure that the value of the ASTC token price, which tends to be higher, is higher than Fiat. Bitcoin too. It is predicted that the value will rise. Also, the fact that it is not peer-to-peer centralized is a more reliable ASTC platform.
So you can simply visit at