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Welcome to
« on: February 20, 2017, 12:11:03 PM »
Welcome to

Hello all cryptocurrency lovers! Today is the first day of AltcoinForum. Unlike other boards, AltcoinForum aims to examine all the algos separately and in detail; that's why you will find exactly what you are looking for.

You Will Find
* Altcoins Seperated by Algos : All coins can be added seperately by algos. So if you want to search for a Scrypt coin, you will find easyly. No thousands of different coin topics in same boards!
* Altcoin Discussion Board : News, algos, hardwares, issues faced in cryptocurrecy world.
* Pools : All POW Altcoins needs pools. Here you can post & find.
* Faucets : There are no bitcoin faucets only. Lot of altcoins have too!
* Marketplace : The best and active thing about altcoins. Check markets, trade your coins.
* Economy : Here you can discuss about altcoins economy. Profit to loss, speculations to stability...
* Help Board : You can find help from this board, or maybe you are a helper angel?
* Free Advertise : You can advertise your website / company or you can use this thread to share your REF links with good explanation of the service.
* Off Topic : Talk & share whatever you want except it's illegal or inappropriate.

I hope we will create a great community!
Thank you and again; welcome to! :)
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