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Altcoin Forum Rules
« on: February 20, 2017, 02:39:38 PM »
Hello all, here are the rules of Altcoin Forum:

General Rules
No Advertising ? no form of advertisement or promotion of websites is allowed (outside of the free advertising section).
No Multiple Accounts ? you are allowed one account. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.
Leaking content to other sites is not allowed and highly discouraged.
No Malicious Programs - if you are caught spreading anything malicious, you will be permanently banned.

Posting Rules
Do not Spam
No Flaming/Picking Fights
No Thread Crapping
No Illegal Content
No NSFW content

Signature Rules
You have the right to remove or edit your signature at any time.
All rules apply to your signature.

Marketplace Rules
Be honest and share all details.
Don't hijack a marketplace thread.
No Loans or investsments allowed. If you have an investment company/website, you can only share it in Economy board.

AltcoinForum has a small number of rules which are easy to follow unless you are a honest member.  ;)

Thank you