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[Buy/Sell] Keccak Hashing Power - NiceHash
« on: March 05, 2017, 06:29:04 AM »
NiceHash is largest crypto-mining marketplace where you can buy or sell hashing power for various algorithms including Keccak algorithm.

It is wonderful that you can have total control when you buy hashing power. It is not like other classic cloud mining. You can buy hashing power and cancel the order at any time, minimising the losses. No contacts and no strings attached. When you buy hashing power you can point it to any pool you want! It is like owning your very own personal mining farm - minus all the noise and the bills.

You can buy hashing power with bitcoins (starting from 0.01 BTC) and our sellers are also paid in bitcoins, no matter what they mine.

Buy Keccak hashing power on NiceHash marketplace.

Sell Keccak hashing power on NiceHash marketplace - as simple as connecting your miner/rig to our stratum pool.

So if you are wondering how it works. It is pretty simple and straightforward.
  • Buyer places an order on Keccak hashing power
  • Buyer directs hashing power to desired pool where he wants to mine
  • Seller gets appointed to work and starts mining
  • Buyer pays for every valid share & seller gets paid for every valid share
  • Buyer collects the reward(s) directly from the mining pool

NiceHash - Largest hashing power marketplace