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GAY Money (GAY) was launched originally in 2014 as GAYcoin, and has quietly chugged along, producing a stable blockchain with low fees,  lightning-fast transaction times, and a sustainable 20% APR on active balances. This project was designed to provide a digital currency brand marketed to the LGBTQ community, with a focus on providing real world utility. The underlying mission of the GAY Foundation, powered by GAY Money, is to administer philanthropic funding earmarked for LGBTQ awareness and advocacy, HIV/AIDS research and support, and women's shelters worldwide in a long-term sustainable fashion; and to engage in targeted investing in LGBT-owned businesses and services.

The current goal for the 3rd quarter of 2017 is also to integrate GAY Money as a cryptocurrency into a corporate body - GAY MONEY LTD - registered in the UK, and we will be bringing forth several upgrades and enhancements to the GAY Money ecosystem alongside this change, including launching a GAY Money-branded fiat-gateway and exchange as well as setting up retail integrations both online and at local LGBT-owned and -friendly establishments with consumer incentivization programs and reloadable GAY Debit cards. The goal is to provide a secure and reliable currency that will be represented across the broad spectrum of the LGBTQ community and market.

Niche-market cryptocurrencies are important, and can be very successful if their target demographic market is large enough, shows a preference to brand loyalty, and can present an avenue for effective retail utility. The global LGBTQ+ market - estimated at a population of 450 million individuals, collectively represents about USD$3.7 trillion in annual spending power, and a specific pride of community and projects supporting it - meets all these needs for a successful niche-market altcoin. We feel offering a durable and borderless digital currency for the LGBT commmunity will also provide a form of financial self-identification, and present a ready alternative to current financial options from an established project and community which values their diversity and understands their needs.

As a market-ready digital currency, we are well positioned to take advantage of many emerging LGBT retailers online, and we are already working with LGBT tourism operators and "bricks-and-mortar" businesses and services to accept GAY Money in their establishments. We offer far lower transaction fees and verification times than Bitcoin does as a value transfer engine, with the same ease of use. We hope to become regarded as a healthy alternative for merchants who choose to embrace decentralized economies while at the same time showing active support and Pride for their local LGBT community. And we plan to GIVE BACK to these communities with humanitarian grants and sponsorships, to support artists and students. With a global ripple of increased market utility, we will drive the value of philanthropy the Foundation can deliver in a self-sustaining fashion. 

GAYcoin itself was launched in 2014, by George Lawin, but after dealing with predjudicial attacks in the forums as well as in personal messages, the previous [ANN] threads were locked. Mr. Lawin did remain working with the currency, securing its listing on Cryptopia, and working towards his original goal of providing a legacy of support to the LGBT and HIV/AIDS charities and rights programs. I have come on board, having worked with SOILcoin for the past year and a half (and remaining working with that project), bringing with me an understanding of the paradigm shift we are approaching with cryptocurrency and blockchain tech in general, the ease of integration, and the unique global market this project can reach and serve in ways that Bitcoin cannot.

We have chosen to begin the process of registering for incorporation operating the Gay Foundation thru GAY MONEY LTD, and will operate as a self-funded development team towards building and maintaining a global GAY Money marketplace, buiding and maintaing a sustainable global philanthropic and LGBT rights network, and using GAY Money to invest in LGBT businesses. Cryptocurrency, in its many forms, will form the backbone of the future economy. We want to ensure that our project maintains the highest standard of how a cryptocurrency project can be a real world value item, a profitable enterprise with self-sustaining wealth and wage generation, and promote equality, diversity, humanity and love across the world by lifting up and assisting from the grassroots.

As before, the driving goal behind the GAY Foundation remains to "encourage equality, nurture diversity and eliminate hate". As such, the non-staking Foundation Wallet [gLsrjEbo31wmXZQssAeGyrw4CwBZgxafev] will be used to support charities, non-profit organizations and individuals worldwide in an effort to help raise awareness, to combat discrimination and help lobby for LGBTQ rights worldwide. We believe in an underlying principle of "absolute inclusivity" and celebrate every diverse form of humanity. The community will have a right to have their voice heard on where we can have the greatest impact on peoples lives, and we hope to also give a voice to these various groups and individuals with our site, which will start off as a newsletter, but for which we have the view to provide relevant features, news and interviews that intersect both the cryptocurrency and LGTBQ communities. Investments into LGBTQ businesses and enterprises will be made thru the developer's own funds and will not be taken from the Foundation balances.

Currently on this planet, fully one-third of nations have laws prohibiting homosexuality, with punishments ranging from imprisonment to the death penalty. Fully one-half of the nations of this world have no protection against discrimination and human rights abuses towards the LGBTQ community. GAYmoney, and the GAY Foundation, will strive to be the voice that speaks out against this bigotry and senselessness.
Cryptocurrency CAN have a meaningful impact on real world issues, it can be a protocol that can survive outdated political institutions and become a vehicle for change in societies where the LGBT community lives in fear to this day.

We do not view this as an overtly POLITICAL altcoin, moreso, with increased market utility and demand, we are pursuing the economic equilibrium where retail users of GAY Money support the charitable aims of the project by continuing to provide liquidity and increasing value. We will aggressively pursue retail integrations, and have so far been operating with a "think globally, act locally" point of view, I have had discussions with several local community-owned businesses that are more than ready to accept GAY Money in their stores, and will be set up as this summer goes along and we have more of our architecture arranged.

Local reaction by business owners towards accepting GAY Money has been entirely positive, and many business owners have expressed that they would accept it simply BECAUSE it supports their community, directly and indirectly, that THIS is the sort of project that truly EMBODIES the idea of Gay PRIDE. The simple fiscal advantage of lower overall fees compared to bank, credit card OR Bitcoin fees, coupled with nearly-instantaneous and irrefutable transaction confirmations becomes an added bonus.

To encourage community support and involvement, we are equalizing the principle of corporate shares classes, and the rights those import upon shareholders, with the underlying currency GAY Money. With implementation of industry-standard KYC/AML services and "signed transactions", GAY Money investors who hold a verified minimum threshold of currency in an active wallet will have voting rights to help direct where the philanthropic funds are sponsored towards, as well receiving a proportionate dividend from the profits generated from fees on the and fiat-gateway site. Members of the Board of Directors will maintain a much larger threshold of active currency, maintaining consistent network security with stable held equity.

We will be maintaining this thread with news and updates, and encourage an open and lively discussion on the project, the role of cryptocurrencies in niche markets and the future economy, and how GAY Money can help in your community. I encourage you to ask lots of questions so that we can build a highly informative FAQ for our website. I *DO* ask that if you simply want to engage the conversation with intolerant and discriminatory remarks, that you take it elsewhere. I appreciate every point of view, but will report prejudicial and senseless discriminatory authors to site administrators. We are a community of professionals, and we should conduct ourselves professionally. Be an adult and do not insult or put down other participants. Harassment and other exclusionary behavior is not acceptable and will be reported.


Algorithm:      X11 (PoW/PoS hybrid) *PoW ended block 18000. NOW PURE PROOF OF STAKE.
APR:              20% interest on active balances
Min. Stake Age:  8 hours
Max. Stake Age: 9000 days (essentially unlimited)

Block Time:   60 seconds
Block Size:    50MB

Max Coin Supply: 10 billion
*5 billion coins were minted on the genesis-block, which have been locked in the non-staking Foundation address (gLsrjEbo31wmXZQssAeGyrw4CwBZgxafev).

These funds will be used, with stakeholder input, to perform the philanthropic arm of the GAY Foundation's mandate, operating as a self-supporting fund that will provide charitable support for generations.

Min. Tx Fee    : 0.00001 GAY

Confirmations  : 1 confirmation for transactions
                        100 confirmations for minted blocks

Connections:     Ports: 24241 (connection) and 24242 (RPC)


Windows -
Mac -
Linux -

Android - bounty available, please contact dev (
iOS      - bounty available, please contact dev (




**We'd like to thank the administration at Cryptopia, once again, for their wonderful support in promoting GAY Money during Pride Month in June, as they generously gave GAY Money a tipping bot and reward bot.** (coming 4thQ 2017) - (coming 2ndQ 2018)


The GAY Money Gazette -
Facebook -
Twitter -


Cafe Flater (Utrecht, Holland) Cafe Flater began accepting GAY Money this year during the Utrecht Canal Pride Parade.
- (

*We will have our GAY Money Media Kit available soon, and will gladly answer any questions business owners may have reegarding accepting GAY Money in their establishment. We will be updating this list very shortly when we have other businesses ready to begin officially accepting GAY Money. We have several *


The LGBT community is a global chorus, and as such, we want to make sure that our project's voice is heard in every corner of the world. We are seeking community members willing to act as regional GAY Money ambassadors. We will be incentivizing this with weekly stipends, and naturally, in the spirit of reaching every corner of the cryptocurrency ecosphere, we will be looking for translators to transcribe this forum OP as well as official news releases and updates on an ongoing basis. Please contact Abvhiael ( to discuss these positions.


Watch this space for links to any ongoing social media bounties


Abvhiael Crowley
George Lawin