Author Topic: [EVEREX] The Token Sale is Live! Ends September 10st  (Read 437 times)


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[EVEREX] The Token Sale is Live! Ends September 10st
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:17:23 PM »
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Everex does not operate on the basis of P2P loans. Instead, we invest our aggregated
Capital to provide microcredit services, accessible globally and instantaneously on Mobile devices.
Offering microcredit via smartphones allows Everex to lend at professional levels of risk management.

Everex transactions are settled on the basis of 100%-backed, Ethereum-based Cryptocash currencies.

In order to make our vision a reality, Everex has developed one of the first mobile Ethereum wallets,
capable of hosting and transacting ERC20 tokens and browsing blockchain transactions, as well as
acting as a smart contract viewer.

The EVX Token - Token Sale: Sep

The EVX token fulfills a multitude of utility functions on the Everex remittance and microcredit platform:

1. Membership
Proof of EVX ownership will be required to access advanced features, such as immediate on demand credit.

2. Tradable Credit Scores & Collateral
Accumulation of EVX will allow low rated individuals and small businesses to improve their credit score. Furthermore, EVX will be accepted as collateral, enabling borrowers to access credit at lower interest rates along with other perks.

3. Incentive Mechanism
Loans paid back in time will reward users with an EVX bonus, adding to a credit scoring, while late payments will entail an EVX levy, reducing one.

4. Everex Shares Success with EVX token holders
Surpluses from successful business activities will be used to launch quarterly buy backs, in which Everex will purchase EVX at market price from EVX holders via ôreverse ICO". EVX tokens acquired this way will be distributed among the community for free as a means of user acquisition.

For more information please visit our website:

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