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   Website has been updated a little more, apologies for the delays, but this is why I set up the ICO so long and why I set the beginning so high of an amount. If you are going to participate, I suggest you VERIFY contract address before sending any ETH to make sure you have the right one, check here AND website to be sure.


The ICO will run until December 31, 2017 11:59PM Eastern United States time.

Information on BPC and the BIO Token Sale

Name: BioPayCoin
Symbol: BIO
Decimals: 18
BIO Token Address:
Minimum Buy in:
50 BIO Tokens

BIO Token Sale Total Cap:
50,000,000 BIO

BIO Reserved Tokens:
750,000 BIO {
   250,000 for bounties;
   500,000 for current devs to hold;

Phase one:

Phase two:

Phase three:

Phase four:

Phase five:

Participating in the BIO Token Sale

BIO Crowdsale Address:

Method ID for tx without ICO Wizard:

  *This Method ID is VERY important, if you are not using the ICO Wizard. If you do not have this chunk of data with your transaction, it WILL fail.

What will the funds be used for?

  The funds accrued from BIO Token Sale will go towards expanding BPC team by bringing in more experienced developers, marketing/PR, legal, ect. There is also 750,000 BIO Tokens reserved to dev account, 250,000 will be for bounties and remaining 500,000 will be distributed to developers on the team, to hold. Excess bounty/marketing needs will come from ETH earned during ICO.

What are the Minimum goals?

BPC does not have any set, minimum goals at the moment. This project is moving forward, even in case of unsuccessful ICO (minimal participants), a successful ICO will just mean the process will move along allot quicker. In case of unsuccessful ICO and main network takes an extended amount of time to release, any participants who entered the ICO will be compensated for the contributions.

BioPayCoin Links

We do not post all our test code on github for multiple reasons.


If you would like to join our #slack channel, please send an email for the invite.

Future Goals

There are many reasons we are NOT going to share all our details with everybody at this moment. Big reason is mainly because we don't need other developers quickly throwing some program together with the ideas for themselves. Another one is also because we do not know the extreme possibilities that can be opened up with a successful ICO and we hope people can be patient with us because great things do not happen overnight.

How are the funds handled?

The BIO token sale is being run on ICO Wizard. The smart-contract set up with the wizard locks down the multi-sig wallet after 5 contributors. BIO Token Distribution also comes to a halt until the end of the ICO, on December 31, 2017. This insures the money won't be spent and BIO tokens won't be traded until ICO has completed and we have released a BIO wallet.
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Re: [ANN][ICO] BioPayCoin - Old Technology, New Layer of Wallet Security
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You can now track BioPayCoin ICO on


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Re: [ANN][ICO] BioPayCoin - Old Technology, New Layer of Wallet Security
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Some information has been updated for biopaycoin token sale, see

reduced available BIO from 500,000,000 to 50,000,000 and price has been reduced to 4000BIO/1ETH and another price reduction happens on November 20.

BioPay may not look like much now and that is why the token distribution is so high in the beginning. We have allot working behind the curtains and we don't publish all our works right away and won't be. I can assure you that by the end of first quarter 2018, BioPay will be working on public status, introducing our embedded systens, biometric nodes as a POS system for any type of business and the first to tackle is convenience money delivery systems.