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Earth Tokens is happy to announce their Create Local Community Bounty.  35% (or a total of 3.5M Earth Tokens )  of Bounty Fund is allocated to this campaign.  Earth Tokens will reward each person that will Create a Local Community in their country.

Bounty Name:  Earth Token's Local Community

Description: a bounty for those who create groups in their local language for Earth Tokens project such as Telegram, Facebook, Discord, whatsapp, Kakaotalk, QQ, WeChat  or in any other local based social sites and chatting services. and bring members to the groups and share project information regularly.  The Local group or community must be Earth Token Exclusive.    An equivalent value of  875 ETH (1ETH = 4000 Earth Token) allocated in this

General Rule:

   No change of Ethereum address
   Payment will be made at the end of ICO together with other bounties.
   Owner and Manager have the right to modify or add rules. (This also include structure of payment)

Fund allocation:  2.5M Earth Tokens if this campaign reached 20 countries with different community else only 50% will be distributed.bounty


Create a Local Community
1 Local community site = 1 Country
Member: Unlimited


200 Stake For Creation (less than 50 members will receive 50% stake only, less than 25 members will receive 25% of the stake)
additional 5 Stake  for 1 member added  (facebook count as 1 stake)
5 Stake for every valid updates and news posted

Rule, Terms, and Condition

1.   1 Local Community for each social media sites per country, you can coordinate with other members that are within your country to boost your group.
2.   First come first serve basis, in case there are two participants within the same country, the first one among the qualified group of that country will be accepted (applicable for the same site facebook and Telegram or any other social media sites are two different sites so they can have each community).
3.   The group must contain Links of WhitePaper (Locally translated Whitepaper link can be used) Main Ann Thread,  Local Ann Group, Earth Tokens Social, Media Accounts,  Telegram Group, and Slack Group (Must be Pinned).
4.   The group must be regularly updated with news, articles, and Developers announcements and update.
5.   Accepted Entry will automatically gain 200 stake and an additional 1 stake for every member added to the group and 5 stake for every valid updates and news.
6.   Inactive group ( no updates or Earth Tokens related activity) will receive less % of the bounty or worst, disqualified.
7.   Local manager is required to join the telegram: newbielink: [nonactive]

Apply and reserve you group here :

newbielink: [nonactive]

Check the list here:

newbielink: [nonactive]

Translation of this Bounty to Local Boards

Translate this Bounty to your local board and earn Earth Token stake

Fund: 5% of the allocated FUND  (175,000 Earth Token) (if we reach 20 translation language, fund will be doubled)

Requirement:  Just translate this Bounty to your Local Board and earn a reward.

Reserved Translation:

Romanian  :   Tszunami98
German     :  saugwurm

Fill up this Form after the translation: newbielink: [nonactive]
Check the list of language translated here: newbielink: [nonactive]

This is a first come first serve Translation task in order to reach out every local board to know about this Bounty.
No translation tool, anyone caught translating with the use of translation tool will be disqualified.
Any rank is welcome to translate as long as they follow the rule.

Post Announcement Thread and Bounty to other Forum (includes international and Local Forum)

This is just a copy and paste task:  We need you to copy and paste  Earth Token Announcement Thread and its Bounty to different Forum and Sites and moderate it.

Announcement : 200 Earth Token  ($16 equivalent for ICO price)
Bounty Threads : 120 Earth Token  ($10 equivalent)
Moderation :  60 Earth Token per valid post or update ($5 equivalent)

  • Just copy and paste the Announcement Thread and bounty thread of  Earth token to any crypto and non crypto related forum (international or local) to earn the reward.
  • Update the thread regulary to earn 60 Earth Token per valid post.  A well updated thread will earn a surprising bonus. (This apply to both Ann thread and bounty threads.)
  • This is also a first come first serve task, no duplicate site, the first one who submitted the task will be credited.
  • Add your Bitcointalk profile at the end of the Post failure to do so will not credit your work

Earth Token Main Ann Thread Link : newbielink: [nonactive]
Earth Token Main Bounty Link :   newbielink: [nonactive]
EarthToken Special bounty Link : newbielink: [nonactive]

After doing the task fill up the form below :
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Check your status here:
newbielink: [nonactive]

Disclaimer : I do not hold the fund for this bounty and this  will be paid directly by the Earth Token Dev Team.