Author Topic: [POOL] CoinMiners.Net - Powerful Altcoin Pool Located in Europe  (Read 167 times)


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Welcome To

CoinMiners is a UNOMP powered pool, located in Europe and running on a dedicated server with great resources!

Check all coins from here :

You don't need to register to mine. Just set your wallet as your username and some random password will do the job.
All coin diffs set. 4 Port selection, first port is low diff and also varDiff, others are static.

Pool makes auto payments every 6 hours. It's not low as other pools because very low payment threshold just cause more and more transaction fees which is a disadvantage for you!

Coin OPs can reach me over PM. Setting pool for new coins generally takes 30mins and i accept every new coins for my pool.
Also, every week dead coins will be removed from server. That's why always keep watching.

This pool is 100% mine! So you have admin here. Better to use a pool with known admin  8)