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ANN Thread:

Bounty Details:

Help us in spreading word about Honor in forum, social platform.

Token Pool: 7% of no. of tokens i.e 7 million HONR tokens (equivalent of USD 1050000 if computed with the regular issue price of the tokens) (change token details accordingly)

Token pool distribution structure:
Social Media campaign: 10%
Blog/Media Campaign: 30%
Translation Campaign: 20%
Signature Campaign: 25%
Telegram Campaign: 10%
5% reserved for a Special Bounty

[Social Bounties]

10% of token pool will be distributed to participants helping us out and spreading word abut Honor on social platforms. Social bounty will be carried out on Facebook and Twitter platforms (25% of token pool will be equally divided into three different pools for paying Facebook, Twitter &  participants)

[Blog/Media Bounties]

30% of token pool will be distributed to participants helping us out and spreading word abut honor on blog and youtube(or other media) platforms.

General rules:
[1]Write a post about Honor in any language, with at least 1000 characters and containing two links to Rewards depending on the quality of your post and your reach.
[2]Bounty applies to a maximum of 3 videos, 1 free blog and 3 premium blog platform
[3]YT Channel / FB Profile must be at least 3 months old and have 100 subscribers/friends
[4]Videos must be at least 1:00 minute with a maximum of 5:00 minutes
[5]Videos description must contain a link back to
[6]Videos that do not have human voice over will only receive 50% of the total bounty

Rewards: Rewards are based on the quality. Stakes structure according to quality:
  • Good: 100 Stakes
  • Average: 70 Stakes
  • Normal: 30 Stakes


[Translation Bounties]

20% of token pool will be distributed to participants helping us out and spreading word about honor by translating our ANN & Whitepaper and posting in local sections of the forum.

ANN Thread:
ANN Thread .psd files:

Translations reserved list:

General rules:
[1]Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as Google Translator or any other are not allowed. If anyone is found using the translator, then he/she will be blacklisted.
[2] ANN thread translator will be responsible for the moderation as well. The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
[3] We do not need any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment or you could simply be disqualified.
[4] Users has to reserve translation request prior to submission of translation content. Any content found without reservation request will be denied for payout.
[5]Please add link to this Bounty thread somewhere in your Translated ANN Thread.

Rewards: Rewards are based on the content type and moderation effort. Stakes structure accordingly:
  • ANN: 100 Stakes
  • Whitepaper: 150 Stakes
  • Moderation: 50 Stakes

Translation Reservation form:

[Telegram & Slack Bounty]

10% of token pool will be distributed to participants helping us out by joining our telegram and supporting us on telegram.

General rules:
[1]Users promoting,posting ref. links in telegram group will be banned from group and will be ineligible for payouts.

Telegram join link :

Reward: 5 Stakes. We might add some extra rewards for users who will support this project well and will help out to moderate the telegram group.


[Note: You need an Ethereum wallet for all bounties above and wallet must be supporting  ERC20 Token form. Do not use any exchange address. User will only be responsible in this scenario if he provides wallet that doesn't supports the ERC20 Token form.]

[Important: Only rank change requests will be allowed. So please fill in your other details carefully]


(1) Campaign Owner/Manager Managers and Owners reserve the rights to apply new rules and can change any exist rule or do any other reasonable changes (including payment structure and amount)
(2) I as a Campaign Manager will be only managing the campaign. Payouts will be sent by campaign owners.
(3) Bounty thread design credits: Avirunes.