Author Topic: NEW AIRDROP AND FREE TOKENS OF FEBRUARY -PART 2 ( UPDATED 14-02-2018!!! )  (Read 981 times)


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51) PAYPRO AIRDROP : Get free tokens PayPro now!!!
Sign up and fill the forrm : newbielink: [nonactive]

Tell your friends about our airdrop and get your extra tokens. Each referral gives you 0.25x extra tokens. You can receive up to 5x tokens by referring 19 more people to complete the same airdrop form you did.

Positive comments will be beared in mind :)

52) WALLETOURS AIRDROP: Get free 1000 WTS now ( 1WTS=0.29)

WALLETOURS (WTS) allows peer-to-peer P2P payments, immediate transactions, low cost commissions and a public network based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Register& click 'personal information' under your name->copy/paste eth address->enter your wts site password->click'TOKEN' and check for code in email and copy paste the code in the 'token' place and click 'MODIFY' and DONE!
REGISTER HERE : newbielink: [nonactive]

53) PEC Coin Airdrop : Get free PEC Coin with bot

Sign up :

54) HAVVEN AIRDROP : get free HAVVEN now ( 2 day left) !!
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55) DIMENSIONS NETWORK AIRDROP : Get free 10 STC tokens !!!
Sign up  :
  newbielink: [nonactive]

About Dimensions Network
We are building the next generation of Cryptocurrency trading platforms. Our platform will support standard coin pairs, Options, Futures Contracts, Exchange Aggregator and much more. We anticipate a great interest in these new derivatives and a substantial return on investment. Moving forward, we will expand our services onto a decentralized network, and offer our users cryptographically secure derivative trading. We will also develop and release our own real-time transactional currency.

We will share our success with our token holders by allocating 15% of the trading fees generated to their Ethereum Address. In addition to this, our token holders will receive an equivalent share of the new tokens generated for our real-time currency.

The StrikeCoin (STC) token is issued by Dimensions Network and is currently available for purchase with Ethereum tokens. To know more about our offering, please review our Whitepaper.

56) BIPACTION AIRDROP : Get free 100 BPS by sign up !!!
Sign up : newbielink: [nonactive]

The vision of Bitpaction
As the leading intelligent digital asset exchange of the world, we are not only to establish a digital asset exchange, to provide the best user experience for every user, to assist every investor gaining profit, is our core aim.
The future is arriving, we are here for you
The world’s first intelligent digital asset exchange

The found of Bitpaction
Bitpaction is the world’s first intelligence digital asset exchange. We devoted to building a new user-centered digital asset trading ecological system, promoting upgrading of digital currency exchange into the version 2.0 and overturning the operation modes of conventional exchanges, to providing simpler and securer trading experience for users.
The digital asset trade is a 24-hour trade and these is no price limiting mechanism(PLM) like the stock trade. It might happen that you would suffer a great losses when you enjoy the vacation with your family while the significant changes were happening in this volatility market. Therefore, it is essential to build a stable and smooth trading system with profit-stop and loss-stop for investors. This is just our intention when we were established, namely building a global comprehensive assets trading platform which is more humanized and innovative. Designing a better investment plan for investors and making benefits for investors constitute our core value in establishing Bitpaction

57) Jet 8 Bounty Bot : Get free Jet 8 tokens with bot !!!
Sign up :
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58) CloudMoolah Bot Airdrop : Get free 3 MOO and 0.001ETH with bot !!!

Sign up :
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Sign up :
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Sign up and invite your friends to get more !!
Pre ICO 100% sold out! Subscribe now to receive 10% off ICO.
ICO Date 28th FEB 2018
ICO Date 28th FEB 2018

60) CEEK AIRDROP : Get free token CEEK now !!
Sign up: newbielink: [nonactive]

About AirdropAlert launched July 2017 to create awareness to the crypto community about the existence of airdrops. We believe majority of crypto fanatics are not aware of the concept of airdrops and how to claim it. We started an informational page where you can find data on when and where airdrops take place.

We started as a team of 3 to collect data on airdrops and list them. With the rapid growth of airdrops, visitors and subscribers we quickly expended to a team of 7.

Our goal is to provide information about legitimate ways to collect free cryptocurrency.

Our vision is to create a way for ICO's to get exposure and build a community by giving free coins to individuals. We actively approach ICO's to do airdrops and list them on We work to establish a trend that other ICO's will follow to create more opportunities for individuals to collect free airdrops.

We hope you enjoy our free service to grow your portfolio.

61) ATF Bounty Bot : Get free AFT tokens with bot !!
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Share the link and get 1 ATF per friend invited! Note that they will have to submit their details and join the channel and stay until end of campaign for you to receive the bounty! Simply clicking the referral link will NOT get you points.

62) Crystal Token Airdrop : Get free 5 VCYL (4.30$) and more !!!
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Crystal Token has just been launched and is airdropping to the first 2000 registered members. You will get 5 more tokens for joining Telegram!

63) ADITUS AIRDROP: Get free 20 Tokens ADITUS with bot !!

Sign up : newbielink: [nonactive]
Chat with bot and get free 20 tokens

64) Gifto Airdrop : Get free Gifto ( listed on Binance) up to 1500 !!(ended)

Sign up :
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Spin and get giftos , invite ref to get more spin and more gifto !!

65) LINKEYE AIRDROP: Get free 5 LET on now !!!
Second LinkEye AIRDROP // @LinkEyeProject distributes a total of 1,000,000 $LET tokens to Telegram and Huobi users:

1. Submit your Huobi UID here:
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2. Send code to telegram group to receive 5 LET
3. Receive 5 $LET tokens for every friend you invite

66) COINSTOCKS AIRDROP: Get free 50 IOXs tokens !!
Sign up :


Thank you for signing up! We are currently in private beta but you are on the list of our early backers.

Your bonus IOXs are reserved and will be waiting for you once we launch the site officially.

Please join us on Telegram to stay up to date with our latest news.

Want Extra IOX?
Refer people to the site and get 50IOX per signup!

67) FISHCHAIN AIRDROP : Get free 66 tokens now !!
 A big wave of airdrop is coming! FishChain, the first aquarium game on blockchain, with virtual assets exchange built in. FishCoins, Zero-generation Fish and 200 mining Fishbowls are waiting for you!
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68) PEDIF AIRDROP : Get free 58 PEDIF tokens !!!

Sign up : newbielink: [nonactive]

69) OJIUT AIRDROP : Get free Ojiut tokens !!!

sign up : newbielink: [nonactive]

OjuT FREE coin AIRDROP Campaign just started!

Please join our Telegram Group to claim your share of 100M FREE coins!

70 ) CCBT CHAIN AIRDROP: Get free 20 CCBT now!!
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Refer a friend and get 20 Tokens from airdrop! For each friend you invite, you and your friend will each get 20 Tokens!

71) AAA CHAIN AIRDROP : Get free 50 AAA tokens now !!!
Sign up :
newbielink: [nonactive]

1. Join AAA global official group
2. The following verification number sent to the group can get 50 AAA!

AAA Chain is an independent public chain dedicated to leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralized, fully autonomous data open platform comprised of massive vertical scene applications. The project has now reached a business cooperation with Huanxin, and the project will be gradually activated for Huanxin Ecology with 170,000 APPs, 1 billion mobile terminals and 50 million daily users. AAA Chain's vision is to become the world's largest user base and the largest data-size public data open platform.


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Murto where ar you based. I can collect if not o far and give it to North Dublin to send down to wrx-wagon-rob as he was first to ask for it.

PM me or ring me on 0862228151